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There are so many wonderful stories behind the outstanding ornamental foliage! Through our blogs, we would like to inspire you with our products, keep you informed about the latest news and invite you into the world of horticulture.


To allow you to choose your favourite topics, we have filtered the blogs into a number of different topics. In this way, you can easily navigate between the different topics. Let us inspire you!

26/06/2020 11:42:36

Maintenance website

This Saturday (June 27) maintenance will take place between 10:00 and 18:00 on our website and webshop.

10/06/2020 06:47:00

A versatile range from Asia

Tropical, luxurious and special, we are of course talking about the different products from Asia. From special colors to variegated products. The range contains many different products. This means there is something for everyone!

05/05/2020 09:16:00

A wide range from Europe

We import greenery from all over the world. We also get a wide range of products closer to home, from Europe.

18/03/2020 11:31:00

Help the floriculture, inspire consumers!

We, as part of the floriculture,  must join forces and inspire consumers to buy flowers, plants and greenery now too! Especially now! That is why we have various inspiring products this month, which you can share with your customers.

16/03/2020 11:23:00

Corona virus

As you will have noticed, the Dutch government took various drastic measures last night to prevent further spread of the Corona virus.

28/02/2020 11:06:32

Products from all over the world

Throughout March we want to tell you more about the different brands, products and suppliers from Central America. Curious? Then read on.

29/01/2020 06:24:00

Get started with the Chrysanthemum

Our arranger Tanja combined a number of different products with the Chrysanthemum this month. We are happy to tell you more about it!

08/01/2020 11:03:50


This way the rose not only conquers hearts, but also dark winter days. Especially when you combine the beautiful flower with brightly colored green.

10/11/2019 10:50:00

Christmas green combined with the popular Amaryllis

Our arranger makes beautiful bouquets and arrangements to inspire you with our greenery. This time with the cool Amaryllis, the flower of the month of December.

23/10/2019 14:06:00

Highlights in the autumn bouquet: berries!

Our arranger Tanja van Bijlevelt again started working with the flower of the month. From beautiful arrangements to a spectacular wreath. We have enough inspiration for you and your customers.

25/09/2019 14:06:00

Combine the strong Chrysanthemum with strong green!

This year our arranger mainly focused on the shelf life of the flower. Continue reading and let yourself and your customers be inspired with the beautiful bouquets and arrangements!

16/08/2019 14:06:00

Hold on to summer feelings with the Alstroemeria.

Our arrangeur Tanja opted for different types of tropical greenery with the flower of the month, the Alstroemeria. This will surely let the summer vibes linger.

10/07/2019 14:06:00

The ultimate symbol of summer; the hydrangea

How do you get started with the Hydrangea? Our arranger is happy to show that. This month she again chose a number of green varieties that perfectly match the impressive Hydrangea.

12/06/2019 14:06:00

Enjoy your summer flowers for as long as possible!

Sunflowers, Tanacetum and Limonium take centre stage during the whole month of July. Why? Because all three are often associated with summer. It is time for summer to arrive!

24/05/2019 14:06:00

The impressive Lily, amazing with different varieties of greenery

The cheerful lily has been crowned as the flower of the month of June. This year, flower arranger Tanja van Bijlevelt was eager to use some old familiars. Read more.

24/04/2019 14:06:00

Peony, an explosion of happiness in May

This month, our flower arranger inspires us with the flower of the month again. The different arrangements and bouquets are again very inspiring!

21/03/2019 14:06:00

Happy colours in April thanks to Gerbera

Our flower arranger Tanja van Bijlevelt inspires us again this month. Just before Easter, she created several beautiful flower arrangements. To add a fun effect, she picked a variety of different types of Gerbera. Inspired and ready to start yourself?

13/02/2019 14:06:00

Incorporating the outstanding Iris

This month, Tanja shows us again how our beautiful greenery can be combined with the Iris to create a beautiful bouquet or flower arrangement. Read more.

09/01/2019 14:06:00


We offer a number of beautiful types of greenery that will add a finishing touch to roses. Read more and find inspiration from the beautiful pieces created by our flower arranger Tanja van Bijlevelt.

31/12/2018 14:06:00

We start the year with the cheerful tulip

Our flower arranger Tanja van Bijlevelt could not wait to use this cheerful tulip. We picked several types of greenery with this flower. Find some inspiration.

09/11/2018 14:06:00


Nica Tropical Fern, S.A is a Nicaraguan company founded in 2016 that produces Leather Leaf Fern. Read everything about it on our website.

25/04/2017 14:06:00


Plantex S.A. is a Costa Rican company that produces Aralia, Leather Leaf Fern and Catpalm. Read everything about their path to sustainability.

30/11/2016 14:06:00


Representatives of the WBE-group travelled to Central America last November to visit their main suppliers of decoration greens in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

27/11/2016 14:06:00


Representatives of the WBE-group travelled to Central America last November to visit their main suppliers of decoration greens in Costa Rica and Guatemala. During this trip we were able to look at the growing and production cycles of the different products at the farms and to maintain the long-term relationships with our suppliers.

23/11/2016 14:06:00


As a consumer, you can count on a fair produced product in case it’s labeled with the MPS SQ/FFP label. Read all about it.

04/09/2016 14:06:00


WBE believes it is important that the products have a fair background. That is why we are extra proud of the Salal with FFP quality mark.