About us


Dutch Green Centre was established in 2001. Thanks to the knowledge, experience, quality and customer orientation, the company continued to grow explosively within a short time.

Committed to customer orientation

As mentioned before, customer orientation is key at Dutch Green Centre. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge of our employees, we try to help you out as much as possible every day.

We keep improving

Dutch Green Centre is very happy to think along with you. Together with our team, we are committed to making it as easy as possible for you to order from us.

Socially engaged

Not only our own team is important for us, but also the society around us. That is why DGC is actively involved in society.

WBE Group

Dutch Green Centre part of the WBE Group. Together with six sister companies, we offer a total package of horticulture products. Quality and partnership, both in the products as well as in services, are a recurring theme within WBE Group since we started up. ’Partnership is the basis’ is the guideline and source of inspiration Jaap and Ineke Beets started with almost 40 years ago.


WBE Group serves a large and varied customer base. From small retailers to international exporters, and from garden centres abroad to local wholesalers. Each autonomous company has its own strength and character. You will also find a supplier within the group that suits your sales market, your business management and your vision.


What benefits will this offer you as a customer? Together with the partner companies in the WBE Group, we can count on a professional IT department, and thanks to purchasing advantages we can offer a very wide range of quality products, even in times of scarcity.



The following branches are part of the WBE Group: