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Green at the flower of the month: the Peony

March 9, 2018

Product Information

It is almost June and that means it is time for the beautiful peony. This darling makes many vases shine in the month of June, because who doesn't get happy from a beautiful peony. The flower is also often seen in bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

Among other things, the peony represents love, happiness and health. It is not without reason that the peony is a welcome guest at spring weddings. But not only on lovebirds does this flower have enormous appeal. As a gift during Mother's Day, the flower is also highly recommended!

Those who fall for the charms of the peony are in luck: there are more than a thousand varieties available, in all kinds of shapes and colors. And the scent of peonies is particularly attractive, deliciously sweet! So plenty of possibilities to create a beautiful bouquet or arrangement with the peony. This month our florist Tanja van Bijlevelt chose green varieties that you might not think of when thinking of the peony. Extra fun! Be inspired.



The Leather Fern has been a widely used product for several decades. This is why the green is often called the beginning of the green chain. Anyone who thinks that this is why Leather Fern is boring is dead wrong!

With the recognizable, green leaf you can go in different directions. Because of the different sizes you can work very large in, for example, a bouquet or arrangement, but also small it is beautiful in a corsage.



The leaves of the Israeli ruscus are dark green, oval and sturdy. The dark color of the leaves makes the peony's cheerful color pop out of the vase!

Israeli Ruscus is not only very beautiful to use but also has a long shelf life. Enough reasons to use the leaf.



There are several species of Pittosporum. All beautiful in their own way. Our florist Tanja has used two species with the Peony namely Pittosporum Nigra and Pittosporum Ilan. Both totally different from each other.

Pittosporum Nigra can be recognized by its fine leaves with variegated color. the leaves give an awful lot of volume in a bouquet. Our florist Tanja made a beautiful funeral bouquet of the pittosporum in combination with the Peony.

Pittosporum Ilan can be recognized by its oval leaves. The leaf has a green color with a light edge. A very different leaf from the Pittosporum Nigra, but still just as beautiful!